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Scott Eastwood means business

Scott was inspired to join forces with Dane Chapin to create Made Here™, a company and brand rooted 100% in America - from the people to the factories and everything in between. They bonded over their passion for high-quality, American-made products and workmanship, and invite you to experience what they've created.

A Note from Scott Eastwood and Dane Chapin

As co-founders of Made Here, our goal from the beginning has been to celebrate American workers, their communities, and the values we all embody. We believe American exceptionalism begins and ends with the things we make and use. We are a land of humble doers, makers, and creators. We dream big and work hard. At Made Here, we strive to bring these values to life through high-quality products that are equally celebrated by the people who make them as the people who wear them.

Making goods here is our essence. Our lifeblood. It is our reason for being. And it’s never mattered more than today. Join us as we celebrate the true "fabric" of our communities: the American worker.

These people make up your family, your neighbors, and your community, and they deserve to be celebrated. - Scott Eastwood