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Dane Chapin and Scott Eastwood have joined forces to start Made Here™, a company built to celebrate the American worker.

Doubling Down on the American Worker

As co-founders of Made Here, our goal from the beginning has been to celebrate American workers and everything our country stands for. Even in these uncertain times, our faith in the skill, tenacity and camaraderie of the American worker is unshaken. We know that many of America's workers face significant hardship from cancelled events, reduced travel and other disruptions to their daily lives across a multitude of industries. Our front-line workers shoulder the brunt of these impacts.

Making goods here is our essence. Our lifeblood. It is our reason for being. And it’s never mattered more than today. Join us as we double down on the American worker.

These people make up your family, your neighbors, and your community, and they deserve to be celebrated. - Scott Eastwood